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LED Sky Ceilings becomes Aspire

We have a new company identity and brand that we’re very excited to share with you. 

LED Sky Ceilings becomes Aspire 5

Time for change

Let us start by paying credit to our founding brand "LED Sky Ceilings", its part of the reason for the overall success of our company to date. Its what our clients have come to know and trust. Part of us will miss it's playful, descriptor design.

However, we came to realise that it didn't convey the true essence of what we do, and how we help our clients and end-users. We are much more than just a product manufacturer. We wanted a brand that would reflect the positive impact our services and products have on patients and staff in the healthcare sector.

LED Sky Ceilings becomes Aspire


After much brainstorming and consideration, we decided on "Aspire." The word "Aspire" originates from the Latin "To Breathe". We like how this phrase implies life and wellness. We also liked how it relates to relaxation, pain management, and anxiety control. Elements that strongly align with the benefits associated with our core product range.

"Aspire" is also more commonly known as a verb that refers to progress, improvement, and achieving specific goals. Every day, we collaborate with dedicated healthcare professionals and project teams to improve the patient experience in different healthcare settings. We believe in continuous improvement as a team. Some of our most creative work has resulted from clients requesting something we don't yet have.

LED Sky Ceilings becomes Aspire 4


We also chose a striking circular/ radial logomark design to accompany the name “Aspire”. Circles are synonymous with completion, and the multiple circles in our logo mark represent all of the collaborative aspects that impact a patient's health and wellbeing. The circles that extend outward represent advancement, progress, and motion.

Finally, the logomark's synergy with the sun was a considered part of the design given the impact generated by our core LED Sky Ceiling and LED Wall Panel products.

We owe big thanks to Tim McAlister of Emersion who was instrumental in helping us craft our new identity. 

LED Sky Ceilings becomes Aspire 3

"This is a watershed moment in our company's history. This shift in brand identity reflects who we've been for a long time, and it's exciting to finally be able to share it with our clients and partners. 

"Aspire" represents our commitment to assisting healthcare providers and their teams in creating progressive, uplifting environments that foster well-being and promote healing."

Chris Taylor

Founder & Managing Director | Aspire