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  • LED Wall Panels

    High-resolution virtual windows showcasing beautiful landscape vistas. Choose from a range of sizes or create one.

  • LED Sky Ceilings

    Vividly realistic virtual skylights in a range of sizes, suitable for any ceiling type, with endless image options.

  • Hospital Privacy Screens

    Portable, retractable privacy screens that reduce the spread of infection. Create new, vibrant patient spaces in seconds.

  • Kin

    A compact fixed-to-wall screen with a flat base, engineered for frequent use in situations that call for something small and lightweight (extends 2m).

  • Duo

    Our portable dual screen option allows you to create corners and completely private bays in seconds.

  • Air

    Light, thin and flexible, the Air is our unique fixed to wall option for stationary privacy (extends 3m).

  • Pro

    Portable, retractable, durable and fully enclosed. Perfect for mobile privacy and high traffic zones.

  • Healthcare

    Illuminate and soften healthcare environments, enhancing patient experience & improving staff morale.

  • Education

    Create vivid, captivating learning environments that stimulate the imagination and foster creativity.

  • Offices

    Create bright and inspiring workplace settings that boost employee productivity and morale.